Thanks everyone being the first time ive ever bonded rabbits you do get panicky.

BUT Iím really pleased to say we already have two free running house bunnies who are getting on great.

Thereís so much out there that you read that scares you or puts timings on things my experience was actually not as stressful as I was expecting given everything I read

Initial fight from there chance meeting, fight the next day so I changed the room all fighting stopped and they ignored each other after several meetings each day by Friday I felt comfortable putting them in the kitchen together and they spent all day there while I was close by, end of the day 12 hours later they were lied together, same Saturday. Sunday all so cute I took away her cage and they are running around playing and snuggling.

Every rabbit is different Iím lucky to have two chilled out rabbits but honestly if your reading this donít be put off by all the complex bonding routines and schedules if Iíd followed those rather than let them tell me what they were comfortable with Iíd still be in phase 1 !