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Thread: Some new pictures

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    Thank you all for being so nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by loobers25 View Post
    Lovely pics, lovely bunnies, lovely set up. They look like they have so much fun. Where did you get that food tree?

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    I got it from a German store: They don't seem to deliver to the UK, though. =( But I really like it as it's higher than most food trees, so they get to really stretch. It keeps them in shape, I think!

    Quote Originally Posted by keletkezes View Post
    I love your setup etc., the whole making them work for food really chimes with me and I always thought I'd have more difficulty if I had to have them inside, but you make it so straightforward Nothing like a paper sack in a litter tray to play with as well! Mine took up some of their newspaper (it's wet here all the time at the moment so newspaper on the floor time) and played with it so I keep scrunching it up and moving it about so they don't do it with ALL the newspaper I think Chibbs gets bored easily! Might have to start using my masive stash of balls...
    I'm glad you like the way I make them work for their food! Sophie loves to rip up the paper, haha, and I hide some pellets in it as well. It sound like yours are having fun with the newspapers on the floor! I hope you can find something to keep Chibbs occupied since you think he gets bored easily!

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    Great photos and beautiful bunnies!!

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    Aw, thank you! =)



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