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Thread: Moving between indoors and outdoors

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    Default Moving between indoors and outdoors

    Our two bunnies are six months old. They live outdoors, but are very tame and friendly, so during the day we leave our back door open, and they roam between the house and garden. At dusk we put them away in their hutch for the night.

    As it gets dark early now, they often spend the early part of the evening indoors with us, and then at 8pm ish we take them back outside and put them in their hutch. Once the weather gets colder, will it be harmful for the rabbits to constantly move back and forth between house and garden like this?

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    It could potentially upset their respiratory system going from one temperature to another. It is usually much warmer in our homes than outside but it is good to know you are caring about their health. Th nights are getting longer and the bunnies need plenty of hay to munch and keep them warm.



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