After losing Leroy in May, I have decided to adopt again, hopefully to bond with my Lulu. I went into the local rescue yesterday to see a young, small boy and came out with an old, BIG Californian that nobody wanted - he's been in the rescue since May 2019 and no one knew his history. He does not want picked up so I have not done so.

I want to take him out into the sunshine and fresh air today. Do you think it is too soon to try? He is a little skittish but will let me pet his head for as long as I will sit to do so (after he grunts a few times.)

Also, he made quite a mess in his cage last night. Poop and pee on his towel as well as his litter box.

Any advice for adopting an old man who has not been handled much at all?

Thank you!!!!