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    I have a 12 week old buck who Iím going to get neutered once heís old enough (my local rabbit specialist recommends waiting until 6months. He lives in a large pen in my spare bedroom with free roam of the flat when Iím home/awake. Iím wanting to get him a friend, however I donít have space for another pen when bonding so Iím not sure what to do.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if I wait until after heís neutered am I best off bonding him with a male or female, and should it be with a rabbit of a similar age?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Most vets are happy to neuter bucks when their testicles drop, which is usually a few weeks sooner than 6 months, unless your rabbit is very small. It's also good to remember that he will still be fertile up to around 6 weeks after the operation.

    A male and female partnership between neutered rabbits is usually the easiest for bonding. Rabbits can bond successfully with any difference in ages and they don't need to be the same breed or size, although most people tend to choose rabbits who are a similiar age.

    I don't know if you have given any thought about where to obtain another bunny from, but in my view, the simplest way would be to contact a rescue near to you around the time that your buck has his neuter. I would enquire if they have any suitable spayed females, who you could adopt as a partner for your buck. Some rescues will also bond the rabbits for you and you could ask whether this would be possible as you have no suitable neutral space.

    Best of luck



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