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Thread: Heron encounter

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    Great photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikek View Post
    great pics!
    herons are freaky birds tho! one flew overhead here the other day & I was like - wtf is that
    Pterodactyls The noise they make is horrendous too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Omi View Post
    I can't see your pics (my fault not yours). So when you've got time, could you repost, using a different method please.
    Of course So, FYI, these were done via Facebook. Here's the same sequence as URLs to the 'original' Google Photos:

    You'll all be interested to know that EXACTLY the same thing happened to Matt on his late-afternoon walk as well He got a take-off AND landing picture. I'm less good with my phone as a camera because my fingers don't always register If I can get his pictures off him I'll post them as well Matt said a cyclist following him had exactly the same experience

    ETA I forgot to mention: Jane, your local heron seems less black on the top! Doesn't look like a youngster but certainly looks different to a 'normal' adult
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    Thank you KK, super pics



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