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    Hello. I have a brother and sister pair that have always been together. They are now 3 years old. The male was neutered sometimes ago and went straight back in their home with no problems. I have finally got around to having the female spayed but because the operation is more involved and she was no eating properly, I decided to put her on the top half of their two storey home whilst the brother was still on the lower level. I did allow them to touch noses through the wire as soon as she was home and all seemed fine. They can also see each other from the different levels and touch noses their but I put them both out for a little run today and the male ripped into her, pulling out hair and she looked petrified!!! I took him away initially and then once calmed, tried again but the response was the same. I decided to put the male back on the lower level whilst the female was outside going around the home, hoping he would start to be nice and keeping her safe at the same time. He kept trying to nip her through the bars and running around to her direction. The female only came home late on Tuesday so her wound is still fragile so I'm hoping that once she's fully mended she will stand up for herself but I'm also concerned that they will never bond again! Any advice or help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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    I expect he thinks she is a different Rabbit as she probably smells of the Vets etc and I would let her recover now from her spay and in a couple of weeks re-introduce them in a totally neutral area. They should re-bond successfully and I hope they do.

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    Thank you for your advice.



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