I have a very nice setup for my buns, but rather high maintenance for me.
They have the run of the conservatory permanently and dining room in the evenings. Each morning I open the conservatory door and set up a tunnel to a run. The run has another tunnel connecting to a big hutch at the side of the house under shelter. The rabbits spend most of the day outside and when they come in at 9 or 10pm I shut the door and they spend the night inside.
I had the male neutered just over 4 weeks ago and they managed to break down my makeshift barrier and yesterday morning the doe had kits outside in the hutch. My question is because they come in overnight and I lock the door can I move the whole hutch inside nest and all so I can keep an eye on the kits. Should I keep dad away. Or should i shut mum outside with the kits overnight and keep dad inside. Last night I left the door open and slept on the couch to keep an eye on things and also to make sure no one decided to rob my house through an open door.