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Thread: Building a tall bunny run need advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rackeluk View Post
    I thinking of either getting the Omlet run and closing the rabbits into the hutch each evening or maybe getting an 8ft by 6ft shed and taking the side off, i could then put metal meshed On that side, my partners just worried about the support if I take the side off it, with the hutch being 7ft long I need something long enough for it to go in, I was hoping to get rid of the second hutch but they have now decided that the second hutch is there new toilet area...
    You can still get rid of the hutch: they'll change their toilet habits totally when moved into a new area in all likeliness. The shed idea is great, have you considered a dog kennel? It's basically the same and you husband needn't worry about structural issues as it's designed like this:

    From they've got lots of different sizes and styles and come with an indoor area readymade
    The geeky one...

    Often available for bunny runs: PM for details.

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    That looks great, we still need to house our current hutch but we could make it work, thank you so much.



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