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    My buns have lino in their space and we have tiles in most rooms covered with cotton chindi rugs. Apart from the lounge.

    The lounge is carpeted and my buns love it. Eating it, digging it and binkying on it. One has sore hocks so trying to help a bit and hoping covering the carpet might help too.

    Has anyone had any success covering carpet with rugs? It would have to be a couple overlapping to get the space covered.

    I've heard some people use sheets or duvets? How do you fit them?

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    Hi there,

    In the past I've used duvet covers spread over the carpet or fleece blankets and Vet bed from eBay that I cut into rug size pieces, and dot them around the room. However, they don't always stay in place as some bunnies prefer to re arrange them to their own liking.. but it's worth a try!
    Every Bun deserves some love, no matter what their breed, colour or background



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