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    Hi everyone, I am new to this Rabbit forum and I am already loving it and reading everyone’s posts! We currently have one ‘mini lion lop’ rabbit who USED to be the most friendly rabbit in the world! He would chase after you and bound around you and always want to play! This was until... we bought another rabbit, the reason for this was because we didn’t want him to get lonely. When the other rabbit was introduced he was no where near as friendly, he hid in corners didn’t want to play anything and wasn’t up for cuddles. Very sadly the new rabbit passed away due to a blockage in her lungs. Now Bumble (the friendly one) completely lost everything that was friendly about him. He hates being picked up will literally have a spasm attack in your arms and scratch you to death! He doesn’t come out to see you and hides away. In his outdoor run whenever you take him out to put him to bed he runs into the corner. He has been like this for over 2 months now and I am just wondering is there is anything we can do. Now... I know that no one will approve of this but ever since my rabbit was a baby we had Guinea pigs, the Guinea pigs get along so well with Bumble. And bumble even grooms and licks them. They always snuggle under each other! So we didn’t think he was lonely. Please can someone advise on just what to do??!! Thanks !! I would seriously appreciate it!


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    I’m very sorry you lost your rabbit The best company for a rabbit is another rabbit. Keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together is not recommended as they csn injure each other and also pass illnesses on (bordatella) in particular.

    Is he neutered? Does he have plenty of space permanently available to him?

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    Did Bumble live with the Guinea Pigs? If so he maybe angry because the bond he had with them was broken, now he seems angry with you. I would try putting him back with his "friends" to see if he comes round. Rabbits and GPs can form close bonds which should be respected even though it is not good for them to live together. Any new rabbit friend for Bumble will have to be introduced very gradually to see if he takes to her (maybe a very young bunny) so he feels he is in charge. Maybe without separating him from the Guineas at first.

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    Hello and welcome. I am very sorry Bumble lost his partner. From how you describe it, to me it sounds like he is grieving for his loss and much like some humans do, he is reacting in his pre programmed base instinct of fight or flight.
    Some humans grieve by withdrawing because they can’t understand or accept the loss. Others can find it easier to move on and do. Rabbits have emotions and feelings and it may well be that Bumble is in his own way, confused and maybe even angry but he can’t channel that emotion properly. So he’s not taking it out on you as such, he is just struggling to deal with the loss in his world.
    It is possible he changed with his partner because that was now his focus - another bun to play with and be with and perhaps this is how Bumble is. Somewhere inside, Bumble still has the love for you and in my opinion you may have to just go through a gentle and slow re-bond between you. Spend more time with him and bring him treats, make a big fuss of him, make him curious of you. Gentle brushing - may be very short at first but rabbits share bond with social grooming.
    I agree with TB above that a new bond with gps would be beneficial and make Bumble feel perhaps not so alone and would focus him a bit more. I also agree that perhaps a new wife-bun would be a positive but you would need to be prepared for perhaps a lengthy binding process but ultimately this would be the most beneficial way for Bumble to move on.
    I hope this helps and please stay with us and update us on Bumble. Xx



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