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    Hi all I have not written on forums before but I going out of my mind. I lost my female bun in October and for the last few weeks my bunny is constantly chewing on his feet hips and chest😕 I never noticed it before I have checked his fur there is no scabs etc and I cannot see any dandruff. He has recently been diagnosed with arthritis so I am wondering if itís pain related as he was limping two months ago and then diagnosed, it is making me so depressed to see him like this he lives in our garage free roam I clean his home daily and dust the floor. Going out of my mind any advice appreciated I have noticed lines of missing fur on face etc but cannot see anything he also had a health check and nothing was noticed.

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    It does sound like the fur chewing may be due to referred pain. What treatment is he on for the arthritis? Maybe it needs reviewing. You need to ask for your vet's advice as things have changed.

    Lines on his face - is he chewing on bars (eg of a run or cage) a lot? It could be rub / wear marks - maybe due to boredom / loneliness as he is used to having another rabbit around.



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