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    Weíve just got max an 8 wk old mini lop heís fab but this is our first house rabbit and abit unsure whatís normal to be honest the internet seems pretty contradictory in the main!
    He has a large puppy pen all set up with a den house tunnel scratch mats heís taken to litter training great all good.
    First week we left him be in his cage sat with him to talk to him and after a week he was pretty comfortable didnít jump or hide. Week 2 we sat in his pen with him and let him come to us all good he let us stroke him, he really took to my 7yr old and will chase her come when she calls etc but with me and partner he seems to have gone backwards heís not scared but doesnít really interact anymore. My daughter stays a week with us and a week at her dads so she week 3 now and she isnít here he seems to be missing her I guess and is sticking to his cage.

    He has the full downstairs to explore last week he was all over binkying around everywhere this week quite and sticking close to cage even though the door is always open.

    Not sure if Iíve done something wrong here but Iíd assumed heíd get more confident with time but seems to have gone back a bit this week. He will flop and sleep while Iím sat here and come sniff me but other than that isnít really playing with any of his toys or wanting to interact at all.

    Just with him been all over and so confident last week he was trying to get over barriers to explore more last week to just sat in his room seems odd.

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    Hello and welcome. Perhaps at 8 weeks old he is missing Mum and siblings and he possibly felt more in tune with your Daughter, being young. I would just carry on as you are and when he is old enough and neutered you could get him a friend, one which won't keep going away. Rabbits aren't very good at on/off relationships as they don't understand why their family/friend isn't there. Have you had a look over on the Rabbit Welfare Association's website - it's full of excellent advice about bunnies.



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