Fluffy was diagnosed with arthritis just over a month ago now and is on meds due to this to help her mobility, have to say they've worked pretty well so far and she's really active.

For the past few days it's become a struggle with her as she picking and choosing what to eat and just grazing, she's currently getting syringe fed to supplement her food intake. Yesterday I had to book an emergency vets appointment as she was really cold, vets said she was hyperthermic so they warmed her up and have taken bloods as they suspect her organs are failing, she's lost a bit of wait since her last visit. Apparently one of her kidneys is really swollen and she didn't like them inspecting that area, they couldn't check the other one as it was hidden away.

I'm now just waiting to see what the blood test results come back as, we've got some other meds to give her along with the arthritis ones, just trying to keep her nice and warm and well fed with syringe feeds and food scattered around the living room.

Dreading getting the results back as it may mean it's time for her to go and I probably won't be able to be with her at that moment due to this virus.

I've got her a disabled litter tray that she can just walk into without having to jump into the usual.

Anyone else have elderly bunnies and what do you do to help them, she's around 9 and a half now