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Thread: New Run Setup for my Trio

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    Mama Doe
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    Aww thank you so much for the lovely feedback everyone! We added some enrichment to the run, which they really seem to like. A little hidey hut and a climbing platform made out of some old pallet offcuts from a planter we've been making. So far they've just been chinning everything mostly

    Also J&B, thank you that is very reassuring about your trio. Hamilton is being extra...boyish at the moment too I think they've all got a bit of Spring fever, apart from poor Beatrice who is miss good as gold.

    2020-04-10_09-03-26 by Rachel Brown, on Flickr

    2020-04-10_09-03-13 by Rachel Brown, on Flickr

    2020-04-10_09-03-40 by Rachel Brown, on Flickr

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    Lovely photos You've done a brilliant job with the run and I love the climbing platform! I'm a little jealous of your garden space!



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