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Thread: Is PVA glue safe to use?

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    Default Is PVA glue safe to use?

    I don't currently have any rabbits but I'm making lots of plans to get some and I want to make a wooden hay rack with built in litter tray and food bowls. My partner said it would probably need sealing with something to stop any water or wee soaking into it and ruining it. He suggested coating it with pva glue as it's child safe but would it be rabbit safe if they chewed it?

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    PVA glue is not waterproof, it will react with moisture and become sticky. I find leaving stuff untreated is alright. For protection in the litter tray part, just make it around a plastic tray, like an underbed storage box or similar (Manor Pet Housing do one I think, take a look on their website for inspiration).
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