Today my beautiful greyhound Sally had to over the bridge after a short battle with cancer..
She lost all her weight and condition and was a shell of herself.
I asked her if she had had enough and she stared right into my soul..I have Mum..I have.

I adopted Sally or Sal as the kennels called her September 2013. She was not even supposed to be shown to us. We asked for a longterm resident and out come Sally..

We liked her and she liked us. After a successful home check she was collected. At the time the kennels said she was taken out by mistake and she has issues and she is nervous, scared and going to be hard work. You can any girl they said. No. Sally needs a chance outside kennels and real life. I think they had long given up really ever finding her a home.

Home she came. And yes Sally had nervous issues and I worked with her to overcome them. The greyhound god gives me the girls that are not easy and perhaps that's a thing.

Sally loved the beach. Running loose on a sheltered enclosured beach, spinnies with me, sunshine. We had plenty of adventures we did. She enjoyed sausages and out of all the greyhounds had the most open palate.

She was lazy but loved an adventure. She was grumpy but lovely. She will be missed.

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