Hi everyone,

Need some help. My bunny keeps changing position every 5 seconds and doesnít look very comfortable. He keeps flopping as well as changing positions so I canít tell whether heís uncomfortable or happy - any ideas?

I think I heard some gurgling from him too so Iím worried heís got some gas. At what point would people take their buns to the vet?

Iíve been offering him pellets and he happily runs (and sometimes binkies!) to get a hold of them which I suppose is a good sign! Iíve even been running up and down the living room with the pellets to get him a bit more active in hopes of relieving the gas.

I have felt his stomach and it doesnít feel hard, heís eating and drinking as normal too. Last time I took him to the vet they said he had a Ďbig bellyí so should I be worried about this?

Does anyone have anymore advice? Thanks x