Good morning everybun from cassa Lilleo.
This mornings update for you all. Lillian had an early breakfast because bun-dad has to go and find a supermarket with some basic food in, otherwise hoomans would starve.
Lillian had eaten well during the night and had a quick round of grass before I went off to queue for food. Oh my, I never thought I’d say that!
Having secured basic food (bread, frozen veg and some sauces), Lillian had her med and she was dry underneath and she was keen to go outside and meet up with Leo who was loitering!
That was several hours ago and the two of them have been galavanting round the garden, little miss stuffy chops eating everything she could - grass being top of the list.
Leo has been persistent but there have been periods of relaxing and they are outside sunbathing whilst I cook as many meals as I can whilst drinking the few lemsips I have left as I have a sore throat and a cold. But lilleo seem quite content outside and Lillian is certainly much improved.
Will try to post some photos later.
Thank you all for vibes and following.