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Thread: What to do without fresh veg?

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    Hey everyone.
    Just looking for a bit of advice. Obviously we all know the situation at the moment. Our town hasn't had anything confirmed yet but we've had at 11 cases in the surrounding area. Whilst I'm not worried for myself my brother is on medication that intentionally suppresses his immune system and my Mum has severe problems that would make this virus extremely dangerous for her (sleep apnoea, asthma, kidney damage from an old infection etc). As a result we're trying to stay away from public places as much as possible. The bunnies are going to be out of veg in a day or two and I can't get a delivery until mid week next week, and if things get worse (especially with the panic buying at the moment) it might be they end up without store-bought veg for days or even weeks at a time (again, looking at worst case).
    How safe is this for bunnies? Especially bunnies prone to stasis? We've just had Pinot bounce back from it and Jazzie has had several episodes recently.
    Foraging isn't possible except in the back garden, which obviously isn't plentiful this time of year. We're growing seeds but it's going to take time.
    I'm more trying to plan ahead than anything but just looking for thoughts? Will a diet of hay and small amounts of pellets (fibafirst) be enough if the worst happens and I'm unable to get veg from stores? We do have grass but no run at the moment to put them outside. I can cut some but it's quite short.
    I was thinking of ordering some dried forage like ribwort, dandelion etc from Zooplus. With that added in would that make a suitable (while not ideal) diet? What else could I do?
    Probably sounds extreme but I'm just trying to prepare for a worst case scenario to make sure the buns are catered for. I'd rather be too cautious but prepared than not.
    Thanks xx

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    I have a stasis prone bun who is ok with no or reduced veg, for her I find too much veg or new types of veg set her off. Could that be the case for your buns? Do they usually get a lot of veg? If I haven't been able to get any I'd use dandelions/grass if the garden had any, or some of their treats from online such as dried forage so I would order some and use that if your stuck personally and gradually introduce veg back.


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    Some don't feed veg at all, just hay and pellets, so they would be ok without it if you can't get any. They will probably miss it but dried herbs would be a reasonable substitute or different hays with flowers mixed in. We will just have to do what we can do if the worst comes to the worst!

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    Thank you both. I have noticed when we've run out in the past it seems to upset Jazzie. She's my main concern. I do suspect (even though I've been told she seems clear from bloods etc) that she has minor kidney damage from her severe episode a few years back (vet kept her in all day, never bothered giving her fluids an exotics consultant was shocked she was still alive when she saw blood results later that night, her kidneys had virtually shut down. The machine couldn't even read her creatinine it was so high)
    So if veg is ever low I prioritise her.
    I know it may seem silly, I'm just trying to look at worst-case to prepare. My personal theory on why mine go down if they're without the veg is that they don't bother drinking enough water to compensate and dehydrate but I could be wrong.
    I know some feed just hay and pellets but wasn't sure how healthy that was so glad to hear that if the worse case scenario happens they should be okay without if it happens.
    Thank you for putting my mind a bit more at rest-!

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    Can you let your grass grow for the buns & snip them off a handful each day?



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