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Thread: New home needed for fluffy butt

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    Default New home needed for fluffy butt

    Hi guys,

    I have a 5 year old lop eared rabbit called Eccles who Im looking to rehome as Im moving to Australia in the next few months.

    Eccles is an indoor bunny and always has been, she would be best suited to indoor life as shes quite scared of things.
    Shes not so good with busy households and children either so she definitely is looking for a chilled life.
    She has been impossible to bond to other bunnies so she preferably needs to be kept on her own; Id hate for someone to try and bond her only to realise she wont and then shell end up being rehomed again.

    Shes so happy and loving and just gorgeous, she never fails to make me laugh and Ill miss her very much.

    Its so important she goes to someone who knows how to handle and look after bunnies so they can see her into her older years.

    Shes very healthy and has all of her vaccinations etc. And has been spayed.

    Here are some pics of her being floppy and adorable:

    We are based in Chesterfield so ideally someone relatively nearby, we wouldnt take her down to London for instance as its too long a journey for her.

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    She is adorable. I am sure she will find a wonderful home.



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