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Thread: Gracie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu1974 View Post
    Think after 3 years old there to old to be spayed what i read...
    But will be done before then....
    She has teddy’s as well she licks...
    I was just very annoyed earlier but its not her fault...
    I do read about rabbits getting re homed etc as people get bored/fed up with them...
    Not fair that is

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    I think most vets suggest spaying around 6 months of age, I don't think there's necessarily an upper age limit, but getting cancer is very common, so I always get it done asap personally.

    Yea it's sad why some animals end up in rescue

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    She is very pretty

    I agree with Graciee.
    Females are very prone to uterine cancer if not spayed.

    and yes, bunnies love to destroy things! especially cables.

    if you're reading this it's too late

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    There is no upper limit for spaying. Health of rabbit is more important than age. It is best to get it done at an earlier age to prevent uterine cancer. Also having the spay at an earlier age may prevent the bad behavior from becoming a bad habit rather than hormonal.
    My nephew's girlfriend adopted a very large bunny from the SPCA as her first rabbit. She called me to take it off her hands when she got a different apartment and she did not want the bunny to mess up her nice stuff. I felt so bad for the bunny, yet it was way to large for me to handle, plus I already had six bunnies at the time. She returned it to the SPCA. I hope it found a good home.

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    I would recommend getting her spayed by a rabbit savvy vet ASAP. Older rabbits who are have not been spayed risk already having uterine cancer and it spreading if they are not spayed.

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    I would also get her spayed ASAP,her hormones should calm down.I had two house rabbits both destructa buns,multiple wires ,furniture chewed ,wallpaper stripped.It's up to us to rabbit proof as much as possible,wires covered etc.But they still find a way..very wily buns are.

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    I remember reading that rabbits see wires and cables as plant roots, that's why they are instantly attracted to them.

    I once left a bundle of cables and an extension cord on our bed. Went out shopping and came home to a pile of chewed up wires.

    My mum once had my two rabbits for a week, I warned her about them chewing wires. She took no notice and they chewed over £70 worth of wiring.

    Anyway your girl is very cute.



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