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Thread: Not Vaccinating Against RHD2- I Dont Understand

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack's-Jane View Post
    The person was well aware of the RHD2 issue, but chose not to vaccinate. The remaining Adult 'stock' are now Vaccinated- with a vaccine obtained from another Breeder. Can only hope that said vaccine has been stored correctly and administered correctly. Babies are not being Vaccinated as it will be 'up to the person who buys them to do that '
    Ah good, it'll be easy to sell them dead to be vaccinated by the new owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livvie View Post
    I find it hard too. I work in a pet shop and have to be careful not to get annoyed with my customers and have to word things carefully when things like this happen.
    dear livvie,-yes-I purchase my animal supplies from a farm supply store,.--I too kringe when I see rabbits on display-[for sale]-when people stop at the display[showing an interest in purchasing]--I stop what I am doing and educate them,-someone has too.--almost like a pre-adoption..--most are receptive/appreciative.--sincerely james waller-from the other kent-usa



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