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Thread: Heard something interesting about metaclop last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack's-Jane View Post
    Metoclop' only works on the upper GI tract ( and may not work at all on baby Bunnies). I have always found Ranitidine (Zantac) to be much more beneficial in most cases of gut stasis. It's a shame that it has currently been withdrawn. But at least there is still the option of Cisapride .

    See pages 3/4 on here

    Also, if Buprenorphine (Vetergesic/Buprecare) is given as an analgesic at the same time as Metoclop' the sedating effect of the Buprenorphine can be MUCH greater. If this is not explained to the client it can cause a huge amount of stress as Bunny can become very 'flat' and unresponsive.
    Thank your once again for sharing important information. I will need to ask the vet on Tuesday how long to wait after Raven's dental before I can give him Metoclop'. His dental is for the morning and I am picking him up in the later afternoon, so it may not be an issue. In the past he did not always need pain relief, yet good to know if he has it this time or in the future.

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    I had a discussion with my vet about a year ago about cisapride and while he knew about it he said it was harder to get hold off - something about licences? Does this still apply or would a vet buy it through normal suppliers? I know cisapride has been off and on the market.



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