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    So I recently got a bunny, I had bunnies growing up but it's been years. The bunnies I grew up with were Angora's. The one I've adopted in a 6mo old neutered chinchilla mix. He's already 10lbs so he's a big boy. My question is he likes to nudge my hand and gently nip my knuckle, he'll the proceed to grab a toy and throw it at me. I'm assuming this means play with me. He's very relaxed it seems, already flopping in his cage and doing the bunny melt when I massage his cheeks and head (he's nearly fallen asleep at that). When he's out he'll stand in my lap and sniff at my face or go around me and sit on his back legs to smell my hair. I just want to make sure I'm a good bunny mother to him.

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    He sounds adorable it is lovely to have a bunny that likes affection from a human. I’ve never had a rabbit that wants to play. The best things you can do to be a good bunny mother is give him unlimited hay, plenty of space, they need at least 8ft x 6ft or space permanently available to them, as they are so active even at night, plenty of things to do, like apple sticks to chew, furniture to jump on and off, have him vaccinated, and probably best of all he would appreciate a bunny friend.

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    I agree with Zoobec on this! If your bunny is in a cage, please make sure that it is of a suitable size (as recommended above). I would also encourage you to do as much research as you can if youíve not owned a bunny recently, including their diet, set up ideas (rabbits should be kept indoors in my opinion and much research has confirmed this) as well as researching general bunny behaviour and how to spot illnesses quickly (such as GI stasis which is common in rabbits and can quickly be fatal). What youíre describing with your bunny definitely sounds as if they are wants to play and wants human interaction so I would definitely say to spend as much time with your rabbit as possible as he is clearly very social. The nudging and slight nipping is how rabbits communicate with one another and so how he is trying to communicate with you (eg: to play with him/stroke him etc.). Your bunny seems very sweet and trusting so please donít take this for granted as many rabbits arenít as trusting so soon so you are very lucky!

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    He is a love and has his own room actually! He gets fresh greens, unlimited hay, and a 1/4 cup of pellets everyday with fresh water and banana for treats! I have been honored with him placing his nose against mine and asking for pets until he feel asleep last night. I work from home so he's out with me almost all the time. He also seems very fond of the cats (hes actually bigger than them haha) and they seem fond of him. Hes been doing binkies and flops all around so I think he is a happy bun!

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    It sounds like he is happy with his life with you and his new home. ny pictures. He must me gorgeous.



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