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Your bonding sounds like itís going fairly well in my opinion, especially considering how little time theyíve been together. The only thing Iíd say is remember to never end a bonding session on a bad note. For example, if one bunny bites the other, donít immediately separate them as them the bunny who bit the other one could see separating them from the other as a reward and it may reinforce it to bite again. Always end a bonding session on a good note (eg: putting the bunnies next to each other and stroking them or giving them both a treat as this helps them associate the other bunny with good things). Also, if a serious fight ever does break out, consider a small amount of stress bonding (eg: short car journey) as this encourages the bunnies to find comfort in one another and can reduce fighting by finding common ground. Hope it helps!
Ah great, thanks so much for the advice. All bonding sessions have ended quite well so far so hopefully they'll start getting on properly soon!

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