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I would like to say how touched and blessed I am to be part of this forum and know you all through the posts. Iíve followed all your journeys and likewise you have kindly followed mine.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all deeply even though you have not met me or my rabbits, you have shared your stories, wisdom, advice and vibes and kindness.
I am completely broken by the loss of Henry. Itís been 12 hours exactly and I havenít stopped crying. I have been at work but I just sat on my office and sobbed uncontrollably. And as I type this, I am still sobbing. It is a pain like no other. As bunny buddy kindly said above - it is a crushing feeling.
I draw comfort from your kind supportive words and Jane, your tribute image is simply beautiful. Henry would approve. Each time I look at it I break out into more tears.
Iíve not eaten today, I last slept on Wednesday night and I am hopelessly lost now. I somehow have to try and pick up pieces and find a path to move on. I donít understand life and death and I donít understand why our beautiful pets leave us and I am empty.
We will make sure we focus on Lillian - she too is understandably sad and she was smelling the blanket I lay with Henry on earlier.
I am not sure how I move on or when. But I would appreciate your guidance when I do.
Thank you all for being so very special and following and remembering Henry. He was a very special soul who left our lives way too early and I do not know why.
Hi Craig,
in my experience it can take a very long time for the pain to fade but that can also bring feelings of guilt/disloyalty - like feeling bad for not grieving so much.
when the time comes - be it sooner or later, one thing that can help is giving another bun that is in need a good home and imo buns need company and although (ime) bonding can be difficult Lillian may need to have some bunny company. The only downside to this is that it creates a never-ending cycle of keeping bunnies.
when the worst happens here I am devastated and I came to the point where I wondered if all the heartache worth it but eventually came to the conclusion that while there are still bunnies in need then I would carry on. also the house and garden don't seem worth having without buns - even though the garden has to have chicken wire everywhere to stop them destroying things.

I used think it must be worse for dog owners when their much loved companion passes away. the dog/owner on the surface seems much more that rabbit/owner, but now I think rabbits occupy a very different & very special place in our hearts and I think the sense of loss might be a lot greater.
You have been in my thoughts all day.