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Thread: how many of you have 4+ buns & brush their "About ToBe Shed" fur off during sheddiing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Hopping View Post
    that's exactly it. The comb keep getting filled, how on earth can Shimmer do it in 20 min.? I fill up the comb in a few min., but my problem is, it takes some time to pull the fur out and they get stuck on my finger, so it's hard for me to dump on the trash can.

    Shimmer, like Grace said, the comb keep getting filled, so how on earth can you do it in 20 min.?
    It comes with practice...and with animals that are not going to sit still for very long anyway, so I have to be quite methodical. I work in quarters - front / back and left / right. With the longer fur at the bum, I work from the legs up towards the hips / spine in order to get the bottom layer of undercoat groomed properly - so working in 'layers' upwards. With the shorter fur, I usually comb it in the direction of growth.

    You are never going to get all the 'loose' fur out, as the more you brush, the more will come out - so you need to know when the job is actually done. Sometimes there may be very little fur that is combed out, but it still needs doing to maintain the condition of the coat (and the cooperation of the rabbit). At other times, I have a pile of fur the size of the rabbit it came off.

    The comb I use is a similar type to the one Graciee linked to. You need dry hands to remove the fur. Any dampness, and it does stick. Or you could try a piece of tissue / kitchen roll instead of direct skin contact to empty the comb.

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    No, the metal can harm their skin, as their skin is ultra thin. I only use plastic comb. It's coming off on both side of their body. There are also some that comes off the butt
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