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    I wonder if anyone could answer a few questions please?

    Today I have collected a male bunny from rescue and would love it if he would bond with my female rabbit who recently lost her partner.

    Both rabbits are currently in individual pens side by side. Both showing interest in each other. A bit of grumpiness first but has largely settled down. Tomorrow I intend to switch the bunnies into each otherís pens.
    First question is - during this time is it best to just leave the rabbits to it (whilst observing of course) or can I give the rabbits some fuss?

    Once the rabbits seem settled in each otherís company my plan is to move them into a small area if neutral territory. I understand there will be a bit of hair pulling etc but Iím unsure what happens after this and how long should this introduction last? Should I move bunnies back to their individual pens and increase the time in neutral territory a bit more the following day? Or can I open both pens (where they currently are living) into 1 whole pen and let them live there for a bit before moving them to their permanent living area?

    Please help, I really want this bonding to work.

    Thank you

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    I posted this link earlier today, it is worthwhile watching MischiefandTinkersMum bonding videos, there is one in this topic and if you check her YouTube channel there are several more!

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    Brilliant, thank you

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    Just want to say that itís probably best to be extra cautious during bonding given the current situation. Please be extra cautious to ensure fights donít escalate as it will be difficult and expensive to get vet care right now. I personally was very involved in the bonding process of my two as I didnít want it to affect the bond I have with my first rabbit and I knew she was capable of real damage if she wanted to. However, the Ďrightí amount human involvement is debated in bonding so do your research and make a decision based on the rabbitsí personalities.



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