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Thread: Bonding - need confidence even though experienced

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    They look really good together and it is so good for your deaf bunny as she will be able to rely on her friend now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShivyRex View Post
    Hello all

    So been a while since my posts before xmas. Thank you all for your assurances and support at that stressful time.

    Jess and Freddie have been living side by side for a month. I finally took the plunge yesterday in starting to bond them and it appears to have worked!

    We had one rather hairy moment where I think Freddie got scared and he just kept going for Jess and I had to hold them apart for 30secs to just allow them to 'reset' and calm down - its soooooo stressful!

    Last night we had reached the battle of wills point where neither would groom the other but they've been alright overnight. This morning I've done the age old trick of mushed banana on the head and both have now 'groomed' eachother so I'm hoping that starts to solidify things.

    There has been ZERO HUMPING. That concerns me a little bit but if they can become friends without it then hopefully when the spring humps kick in they'll just move away from one another.

    Some pics

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    happy days! congratulations

    if you're reading this it's too late.



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