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Thread: Rescuing my Neighbours Rabbit

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    What a heartbreaking story....but I wonder that he waited until he was truly 'home' before he could be finally at peace. Your friend has done amazing by him
    I honestly hope that she manages to recover from this and offer her amazing home to another bunny or two that is desperately needing a second chance. What a legacy to Jack that would be x
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    Thank you so much for your kind words everyone, I've shared them with my friend too. She is feeling a bit better now and I mentioned the idea of her rescuing more rabbits in memory of Jack. Pleased to say she was open to the idea now rather than being traumotised and put off. She has so much love to give and such a great set up, it would be such a shame not to open her heart up to some rescue bunnies. Xxx

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    Lovely news.



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