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Thread: Favourite toys/enrichment activities

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    Quote Originally Posted by BattleKat View Post
    Ah yeah, it wouldn't stand up so well outside - none of my cat or rabbit tunnels ever did. For outside I'd highly recommend twinwall piping! If you put out a wanted on a local facebook site you may find someone willing to give you offcuts for free - that's how I got mine
    Seconded! Being confident and asking nicely at the local roadworks, housebuilding places also works be prepared to take it there and then though! Many times I've carried a filthy piece of pipe home in work clothes
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    My buns like to climb on things and go through things like tunnels or hidey houses. A great big pile of hay gives loads of fun as they dig warrens in it and move it around

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    Hay is definitely getting the thumbs up then!

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    Books! No matter how many toys my bunny has he always just wants to get at the bookshelf. So now he has his own little stacks of books strategically placed around the apartment to distract him from the books we actually plan on reading. Every time I walk pass the Salvation Army I grab him some more on the 5 books for $4 deal.

    Or those cheap rugs that are multicoloured, sewn or tied along the long side to make a tunnel. I have a bunch of these along the back of the sofa and he spends ages back there just digging away. We are pretty sure he thinks itís a tunnel he has dug himself they are affordable enough to just replace when he rips them to pieces, and it mostly protects the back of the sofa from chewing or digging.



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