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Thread: Urgent Help please - fighting rabbits!

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    Default Urgent Help please - fighting rabbits!

    As some of you may have seen from my previous post, we collected our rescue bunnies on Wednesday and they've been settling in pretty well since then. However, this morning they seemed to be squabbling over food and one bit the other twice. How serious is this?? They are both boys, under one and unneutered*, but the rescue said that they get on really well. They've been together for about a month.

    We've separated them temporarily with one in their playhouse and the other outside. Should we leave them like this for a bit, and if so for how long and what should be our next move? The outside one doesn't have much shelter but can hide between the side of the playhouse and the tarpaulin that is covering the run.

    Please advise!!

    *We are planning to get them neutered and we're going to talk about it when we have their vaccination appointment next week.

    ETA: unfortunately I have to go out shortly and won't be back til mid afternoon, so urgent advice would be really appreciated!
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