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Thread: Rabbit Charging Cats

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    I agree with the points raised by the others, I think neutering should help, The vet delaying for those tactics is very odd imo and I’ve not heard that kind of reason before. Also I think 150 for a male rabbit neuter is expensive.

    I also personally wouldn’t mix prey and predator species together, especially unsupervised. Sadly, even though you may think that an animal wouldn’t harm another, when you aren’t there to intervene, and instinct kicks in, the reality can be very tragically different

    Is Knox eyesight ok?

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    Oh he is away from the cats when no one is around. My mother in law is practically attached to the sofa and we have a baby gate that the cats can jump and the bunny cannot so they have a refuge.

    Yeah eyesight is fine, he has a particular box lid that he loves to throw around. We play hide and seek with that in other boxes, under stacks of cardboard tubes. I used to play warhammer 40k for 20+ years so cardboard building skills are decent. We're also clicker training through the toilet rolls for treats.

    Interestingly I lay down this evening while he was cleaning himself and he rushed me and proceeded to lick the entirety of skin on my face, nibble my facial hair and then flop down asleep next to me. What usually happens with blossom is he rushes, she flinched and hisses, walks away, he charges, she howls, he freezes. If he rushes again he gets several firm Pat's. If he goes in slowly she cleans him back. Then they both nap either in the cat bed or cat barrel
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    Perhaps neutering would help, but maybe not. We have three rabbits and a cat; they normally ignore each other but I have seen Harvey rabbit getting annoyed with the cat (she was watching him too intently) and chasing her, obviously enjoying it (he jumped in the air and did a binky in the middle of it). Having said this, there has never been any fight or sign of aggression and the chase is not serious and only lasts a few seconds. The aim, as far as I can tell, seems to be just to make a point and establish an order.

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    Well spent the weekend playing with the Bunny, we used some of the toys that are on here before but I made some Rummage boxes and wrapped some herbs and hay in paper balls and he had a blast.
    We also picked up some more of the "intelligent" toys which he loves [IMG][/IMG]

    It seems that he was much more chilled out around 6pm (when this typically happens) and didn't seem to charge the cats quite as much, he approached gently which this one is much happier with[IMG][/IMG]

    Better friends now
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    I maybe able to get a hold of some rolls of turf from work. Would I be able to fit these into containers and rotate them so Knox has access to fresh and growing grass? I'd leave outside for a period of time (a month) to allow for any pesticides that reside within to be washed away. Any other concerns that I have not thought of?
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    Well things are definitely better with the Cats and Knox. We have been playing with the Bunny a lot more than usual and have got some "Brain Toys" and other enrichment items. Seems a lot happier and calmer, have also repalced some items within his hutch which seems to make him happier (I made a little wooden hut for him instead of the plastic shelf)
    I sometimes post my bunny on Instagram (beware a lot of fish pics on this) @keeperofkojin



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