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Thread: Tips on avoiding aspiration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack's-Jane View Post
    This was Hal after he choked on a SS pellet. I had to use the Heimlich Maneuver and thankfully I have a good friend who is a Vet so I could access help quickly (It happened late at night).

    Thankfully Hal made a full recovery, but I will never feed SS pellets again as there have been numerous episodes of choking incidents in Rabbits fed on them.
    Omg :'( poor baby :'( it's so awful

    Yea I've stopped pellets all together actually the only ones I do have now is SS grain free, always used to feed excel which I never had issues with, but don't really bother with pellets now Idk if that's a bad idea or not tbh, they just get hay and veg everyday and stuff I grow and some weeds etc but I have a small bag here incase and excel actually - actually I think I have a 10kg bag of excel in a bin in the garage which I need to get rid of think I've been trying to forget that, literally just remembered

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    All mine are on a pellet free diet. They do have the occasional Fibafirst stick, but their main diet is a variety of hays, fresh and dried herbs and forage and water. Me and Morse got ourselves embroiled in a 'Police Incident' when foraging yesterday. Morse only went and found a blood stained knife that had been chucked into some bushes . Even foraging for my Rabbits cant keep me out of trouble !!

    A local Rescue may be able to make use of the bag of Excel you have x

    Reference links for various Rabbit health problems

    The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) ~ The UK's Biggest Organisation for Rabbit Lovers

    Animal Rescue and Care (ARC) SW London



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