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Thread: Please Help!! Three week old rabbit kit

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    Default Please Help!! Three week old rabbit kit

    Hi all just a quick one, Iíve had an accidental yet beautiful litter of five standard Rex kits (my partners mother got confused who could be put out with who and when whilst we were on holiday). I have had previous planned litters all still in the family so I would like to think I know not all by any means but some of the issues you can come across when raising young kits. However I am a little concerned and looking for some information on something I have never come across before. The litter consists of four gorgeous bucks and one beautiful doe kit. However at three weeks old I have begun now to notice a significant difference in size of the doe kit (whilst I know bucks are usually bigger the doe kit is I would say 1/3 of the size of the bucks) today we gave mum a little break and brought them in for a little play in the run. All four bucks were bolting around wobbly legged and having fun but the doe kit seemed to be struggling mostly with balance she appeared to be wobbling sideways unable to keep her balance, she was also unable to lift her body and head like the others instead deciding to stay close to ground...she was often getting knocked over. The other kits do huddle over her in an attempt to keep her warm and I have noticed her eating the hay as per normal. Any suggestions on whatís going on?/what we can do to help build her up? Many thanks x
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    Hi, I don’t have any experience so can’t advise, other than I would get the vet to have a look. there is this sticky thread

    Hopefully someone can advise.

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