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Thread: Help! He's eating *everything!!!!* (litter/bedding question)

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    Default Help! He's eating *everything!!!!* (litter/bedding question)

    In all these years I've never met such an awful bun for eating bedding!!
    Some rabbits eat litter from time to time. I acceted that long ago. But this is getting out of hand!
    Harley is still suffering from severe head tilt and unable to use a litter tray due to balance/coodination issues. For several months we've been using puppy pads as he can go anywhere in the pen. It's not ideal as they have to be changed regularly throughout the day (when we thought EC was the cause even more so for fear of reinfection). Now he's always been a pain with them, he does like to pull them up and he does like to chew holes and eat bits out of them.
    However this last week he's become an aboslute pain in the backside with them. When I say he'd rather eat them than actual food I mean he'd rather eat them than actual food. Left alone he would eat the whole pad. So we've been taking the pads out and trying other things.
    In my never-ending quest to find a fitch alternative I recently bought a recycled tea bag litter. It's decent enough but what I didn't realise what that it still has some tea in it. I assumed a minor trace would be all it would have but you can still see tea in there so I'm not overly happy with it. Anyway, in desperation I tried it. Within an hour I had to take it all out as he was eating it like any other rabbit would eat hay. In massive quantities.
    Everything I've tried he eats!! I'm not talking about the odd bit, he is eating bedding like hay! As well as hay! This is a rabbit that never stops eating!

    What on earth can I use?! He eats litter, puppy pads, vetbed, blankets, towels (which he can't use anyway as he rolls and gets his nails caught in them)
    I need something to soak the urine up as he's stepping in it and getting his paws all dirty. But I'm afraid of him getting a blockage as he's just eating it all! Hay doesn't absorb it at all. I don't imagine straw would be any better.
    This bun is a little nightmare
    Someone help me out here, I'm out of ideas

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    I should add, I've tried putting absorbant things (e.g puppy pads, litter) under a pretty deep layer of hay.
    He digs down and pulls it up.

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    This would concern me, is he doing it obsessively/aggressively? I would be worried that this is a pain indication. One of my poorlies sat obsessively chewing up wood from their enclosure the other night, and it was definitely pain related.



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