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    I have two neutered female french lops. We have had them as rescues, their previous owner had them for four years. During that time they were only let out if their cage occasionally, so they always used their cage as a toilet.
    They’re now free to roam on the ground floor of our house, the litter training has gone pretty well, they both use the trays, but they are still peeing in their cage as well. They also are sleeping in their litter trays.
    Is there anyway to stop them sleeping & peeing in the same spot?
    Keeping them clean is proving hard going with their size!
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    It's possible they view their cage as a litter tray! Maybe if you took the cage away, they'd stick to just using the litter tray and nothing else. At the moment though, they view that as a place it's fine to pee.
    It's a bit weird when buns sleep in their litter trays, our male bun used to do it, but it's pretty normal bun behaviour. I think they grow out of it as they discover better places to snooze.



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