Hi all. Went out to my rabbits this morning who were in their shed. One of them has always been a lot more laid back, goes into deep sleeps, plays a bit less. But this morning he just seems more tired. He was asleep when I went in the shed but hasn't really woken completely - he's out in his run, got him to go in there swiftly enough (currently using one not adjoined to the shed) but he said no to his breakfast. Got him eating leaves instead, and he's had a heap of grass which is routine in this season. Did later get him to eat a few bites of breakfast (veggies) from my hand. He's also pooing and weeing. I've got my SO to check for flystrike while I held him and he's confident there's nothing there. Rabbit had a cleaning session after that.

The one difference we've made is that I run out of our usual timothy hay unexpectedly so while we wait for a delivery I had to put them on a different brand of timothy yesterday. It's that yellowed P@H hay - we used to use it until I found this forum and the rabbits never ate much of it, but yesterday night he was very interested in it, novelty I guess.

Given the above I'm thinking he's likely got an upset stomach from the change (delivery's arrived so we're back to the usual hay). I've researched changing hay and it seems this shouldn't cause a problem but can in some rabbits. He has just come up for a brief cuddle (doesn't like too much petting). Would you say this is likely?

I have rung the vet but want a second opinion from you all because they were going on about flystrike and I just don't think it is. We have an appointment booked for later which I'm not confident about attending.