I am looking for advice from anyone who has had a bunny with a broken leg before?
I have taken my 3 month old bunny to the vets this morning and they confirmed what I feared, that he has a broken leg. The break is by the ankle so his foot is floppy and cannot bear weight on it. He is eating, drinking and hopping around fine and doesnít seem to be in much pain. The vet suggested surgery which would cost over £500 which I just cannot afford at the moment. She also suggested that I could take him home with pain relief and see how he does in a week or so. She said that because he seems himself and is eating and drinking then she thinks he could manage with the pain relief. Where the break is she also said that it should be able to heal on its own but she cannot be 100%. She also suggested euthanasia, which I considered because obviously I donít want him to be suffering and in pain but she seemed to think he wouldnít be to much and that it was worth a try. However, if the break doesnít heal he probably will need to be euthanised unless I can pay for surgery but itís highly unlikely as my circumstances at the moment just wonít allow that. Now he is in a very small hutch so keeping him refined as the vet suggested, he has food and water and soft bedding. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this before and if their rabbit healed and went on to be ok or not? I want to be hopeful but at the same time donít want to get my hopes up. Any advice or stories of a similar situation would be appreciated. Thanks