I'm in need of some ideas as my bun, it seems, hasn't had a very varied diet before he came to me! Can anyone recommend something based on what their bunnies may go mad for, please? I need to get him back on my good side as he is going rather quiet after his neutering and not liking to move too much (went to vet today, checked in full for third post-op check and said it was most likely the antibiotics causing his quietness for now). I only give him small amounts of treats and he doesn't usually finish it all unless it's something like an inch of banana, which seems to be going down well on occasion.

He likes:
- Banana (big hit once he worked out that he can eat it!)
- Organic spring greens mix that I can't find again
- Spinach, will not eat it all though
- Broccoli, was supposed to be his favourite but will not eat it all every time little bits are offered
- Burns meadow mix (big hit)
- Fresh dandelions (these couple were scoffed, didn't touch the sides)
- Grass
- Celery (will have a little)
- Mint, liked at first but seems to have left the leaves this time

He doesn't like:
- Strawberry, tried one and then not touched the rest
- Parsnip/beetroot dried treat mix
- Dried carrot mix, does like the carrots in his treat log though which are tiny chips of dried bits
- Herbal mix (from B&M)
- Apple

Hoping people will have some ideas of bunny safe bribes! Thanks in advance!

Edited: he has hay available 24/7, currently on muesli mix and timothy pellets so weaning him over to the small amount of pellets. He doesn't finish his muesli/pellets though and leaves them in the bowl often.