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    Default Panacuring older rabbits

    I've recently got a new companion for one of my rabbits who lost her mate during May. She is already with the new boy.. I'm considering doing 9 days panacur for them both. She's had head tilt last year (unknown cause). Her mother (now passed) also had this so I do think EC was a possibility. I have noticed some changes in the eyes recently too, though this could just be haziness due to aging.

    Has anyone had any adverse effect in giving panacur to rabbits 7+yrs and older? I dont really consider 7 as old.. I mean, that was the age of my youngest rabbit until recently. However, having had older buns these past few years, ive gotten more trepidatious with these things then I have been in the past.

    Opinions on doing panacur as a precaution? Or just do 30 days if I see a relapse?

    ETA: I had intentions to do this for her and her previous mate, especially if I got the sense she was getting "tilty" again and I had seen some hind weakness in him. But I kept hesitating and hesitating...
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