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if you mean being after neutered, no. they're fertile for about 8 weeks afterwards, so its recommended to not bond them until that point, especially if she doe isn't altered herself. plus it takes a while for the hormones to start calming down after that they're in the clear.

I hope it isn't the case Jane, usually rabbits nest build a few hours before birthing.

I know how stressful it can be, second hand at least. a friend brought home rabbits, rescued them from a lady who couldn't care for them anymore. what the lady failed to tell my friend was that this girl had been in with boys, she was only 5 months old, so its really too early for her to be pregnant and maturely look after a litter. my friend noticed she looked larger, figured she was pregnant, so there was a scramble to check the other rabbit she was with was a girl, she was, so that was the point she contacted the previous owner, and she was told! it was upsetting to say the least, my friend thought she was just rescuing two does, and ended up with all that stress.

fortunately, well its quite sad, a few hours later one single stillborn baby was born and no others. I say fortunately as my friend was really equipped to deal with a litter, and her little bun is so young, she probably wouldn't have taken very good care of her

I hope you are in the clear, they do look so cute together
I know about fertility I was wondering about sex.