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Thread: does anyone knows how long the drowiness effect of Gabapentin last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Hopping View Post
    thank you eveyrone for your kind words. On Tuesday during the afternoon and evening, I let her companion Fudgie smells her body, so that he knows his girlfriend has passed away. And I came back from the paw print and the cremation.

    The place that does the paw print apparently now accepts paw print thru out North America, Tina from Peach Tree Studio, so the job will now take 3 to 4 months before Minnie's paw prints comes back.

    I also wrote a tribute to Minnie at my main facebook page, normally I should post a new thread, but since everyone is here, I might as well post it here:

    My bun Minnie passed away yesterday at the age of 12 year and 7 month old, she is my longest living companion in this home. She and her companion Monty were the first 2 adopted rabbits in my home. The day I was at SPCA back in Sept. 2007, the volunteer lady was crying and lobby me to adopt Minnie because SPCA is on a first come, first out basis, I think she knows they are going to euthanize Minnie soon if noone adopts her.

    So I took her advice because she said Minnie is an affectionate bunny, and Monty turns out is her second companion. As before I arrive at SPCA, her companion Chocolate was euthanized due to lack of space. Monty passed away only 4 months after he arrived at my home, as he chewed some furniture and caused a blockage in his stomach, since then I have throw away that piece of furniture. Then comes Bernie, another good companion for Minnie for a few years until Bernie passed away during a dental operation. Then comes Bobby, in which Bobby and Minnie lives together for 7 years.

    I notice days after Bernie passed away, Minnie was agitated. But when Bobby passed away, she's really sad and keep sleeping on the spots where Bobby used to stay. Then comes Fudgie, in which they also make great companion for over 1 year. In total, she has 5 companions in her life, 4 of them are also my adopted rabbits.

    In her staying of my home for these 12 years, a few upgrades were done for these bunnies. A bunny castle set, 100% wool carpet and some temporary wainscot along most parts of the walls of this house to keep them from chewing on dry walls.

    Looking back, I truly believe the blackberry diet, along with organic red palm oil supplement, gives her such a long life, as 12 year & 7 month is equivalent to 88 to 93 year old to a human.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute.She had to be a loving bunny to be bonded with all her companions ,including you.

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    thank you

    she lives a very happy and spoil life
    "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -- Gandhi



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