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Thread: Rebonding 2 rabbits after a fight

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    We had the same story. To the letter almost. We sent them to a lady in Cambridge and she was EXCELLENT - Rabbit Rambles on Facebook but might be too far for you.

    We kept them apart for months while waiting for availability, but they could see each other through the puppy pen and we swapped them over every 24hrs to avoid territory issues. She took them and kept them in a small space with no enrichment except hay to begin with to avoid territorial behaviour. They were fine, she kept them together 24/7 and gradually increased the space and added enrichment. They were fine! They’d fought EVERY TIME we’d tried to put them together in our flat and we thought it would be impossible to bond them!! Once home we had a few hiccups and had to keep decreasing the space they were in (smaller space stopped them chasing etc) but now they have run of the flat and are never far apart. It’s been 6 months since their neuter - so wasn’t a short process!!

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    Hi, thank you so much for your message its so nice to hear that you can salvage what seems to be an irreconcilable bond! I will have a look at the lady in Cambridge as we have family there so could combine the trip! When you say a few hiccups was that a fight? And did you have to keep them separate when they came back from Cambridge or did she recommend to keep them together? Thanks so much!

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    Also, we haven't switched ours round in their areas as we've just got one of our rabbits litter trained and didn't want to undo that! Do you think swapping them over is the right thing to do?

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    We swapped them so that they didn’t get any ideas about a particular bit of the living room being ‘theirs’, and to get them used to eachothers smell etc. We honestly thought there was NO WAY they’d be bonded - they used to fight through the bars that separated them, when we tried to put them together they’d full on, lock together, roll around the floor fighting (no injuries luckily), we had lined up a rescue that would do us a swap etc etc. But on the first day of bonding them Caroline had them living together without fighting, and now even in this heat they’re never far apart from each other.

    When we picked them up they travelled back in the same carrier together and we had them in a small pen, and Caroline advised not to interact with them too much for a few days so they could focus on each other, and to slowly expand their space. I think we expanded it too quickly, and one morning after my sister’s bf went in and didn’t give them their breakfast, they had a full on, rolling around, fur everywhere fight 😔. I actually called in sick to work and spent the day with them in a small pen!! One kept going to try and apologise to the other, but the other was scared and ran, which made the other chase him and start another fight - so I was on hand with a dustpan!! After a few very tense hours they were cautiously sat next to each other, and after a few more they were ‘ok’. We put them back in a small pen and kept it that way for MUCH longer, but that was about 3 months ago and they are SUPER in love now. Never far away from each other! I’ll try and upload some pictures!!

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    Got there in the end...not as technologically savvy as I thought, clearly!!

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    Aww lovely to see them so loved up. Are you sure you haven’t stolen Pickle and Beans though, they look so alike! I haven’t quite given up on bonding my two yet, so it’s lovely to hear of your success.



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