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Thread: Complex toys

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    We used a cat's treatball for Lopsy: it worked great, we just put his pellet ration in there and put it down for him. Sometimes he'd spend a good 15mins getting them out. Sometimes he'd get fed up, go and do something else and come back to it. Sometimes he'd get it stuck somewhere: sometimes we'd have to help him if there was no way for him to retrieve it, otherwise we left him to it! You could always put it somewhere awkward to begin with, maybe come up with safe 'pitfalls' and sticking points so it takes some getting out

    We also hung things on strings and we hang things in the run for them. If they don't see me do it sometimes it takes them a while to suss it out but it's a good 15mins of balance games
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    That turn around thing looks great
    I didn't have a lot of luck with the living world thing. Three of my buns took a very short period of time to work it out and then remembered what to do, the fourth simply picked it up and threw it at a wall until all the food had come out That said, I do still use it occasionally to give them something to do. Unfortunately it takes me longer to fill it than for them to empty it.
    I don't think there's really a lot you can do to keep rabbits entertained all day. As long as they've got a few tunnels, space to run about a bit, a treat ball with a little food in, and things to chew they're pretty happy. The easter egg hunt style of feeding is good. Also if she's not too much of a cardboard eater you could make her a maze with things like a sisal rope net to chew through to get in to another compartment - though again I do find it takes a lot longer to make these things that it takes a rabbit to get bored of it.

    Is a friend on the cards for lilac or is she a single bun now?

    Edit: These all look great too. and this one
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    Would she like these? I assume they're safe? Just dried forage in a coconut I bought 4 earlier, I think my hammies might like them too

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    These look great! Would you mind posting a link? They look like something else I can spoil my two with xxxx



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