My project this Summer has been to learn the different grass species and to identify the ones we have growing in the garden. Gosh, it's not easy However, I can now easily appreciate that grass is not just grass

I think I've mentioned previously that we have a hay patch in the garden, which we cut and use mostly for chickens flooring, but also the rabbits get some now and again for a change from Timothy.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been carefully trying to identify the various grass species which are growing in the hay patch. I think there are at least 12, which came as a surprise to me. They are maturing at different rates and so some has already set seed and some is about a couple of weeks behind.

I tried several of the varieties as a test on Tui and Tethra. I was interested as I had been pulling up one variety for them recently, which they both completely rejected Out of the several different ones they had yesterday afternoon, none were rejected, but False Oat Grass and Perennial Rye were definite favourites.

I am reporting this as evidence that grass/hay taste is important for rabbits, as several of us have already noted