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Thread: Anyone used the large sized runaround?

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    Default Anyone used the large sized runaround?

    For large bunnies?

    Penelope is 4.5kg, Apricot is 3.8kg so it's mainly Penelope I'm worried about I don't think she's over weight though she's a much larger rabbit than Apricot, Google says their breed can be up to 4.8kg. Just wanted to make sure she'd be able to fit through I know their website says it's okay, but she wouldn't hurt herself running through it would she?

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    The 8" pipe should be fine. It is the same size as the corrugated green tube I have and my plump 4kg bunny has plenty of room to get through. I was looking at the pipe sizes recently and it is the size I would go for, even with mainly 2.5kg rabbits. I think the 6" would be too much of a squeeze for some and I could see one of mine definitely getting stuck in it, whereas the 8" would easily be big enough for the cats.



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