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Thread: Giving medication to VERY annoyed bunny??

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    Just visited the website you recommended, jewaller!
    The poops I am referring to are cecotropes! Comparing the ones to the site, they look healthy! She isn't eating them however.

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    Hello, new too this thread but adding best wishes for Peanut's continued recovery.

    It is not unusual for rabbits to leave the occasional caecotroph uneaten, but I would be concerned if she continues to leave them all. Perhaps they smell of the meds she has taken and that is putting her off.

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    Most of all I want to say how happy it makes me to hear Peanut is doing so well.
    You have been given some great advice. My suggestion is to not stop her meds too quickly. When it is time to withdraw meds, I suggest taking Peanut off them one at a time. That way you can monitor Peanut and know if Peanut needs to stay on a maintenance dose of one or more meds.
    I am sending you, your husband, and Peanut many positive vibes for continued success.

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    Thank you all!

    Update:Retracting from my last post a bit! Peanut is still eating and drinking well but now not taking any medication at all. She fights and kicks so much she ends up panting and stressed. Even wrapped up like a burrito she's biting and holding onto the thing she's wrapped in
    Her last lot I managed to get in her was yesterday morning. So worried about her.

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    Default cecotropes

    Quote Originally Posted by jewaller View Post
    dear maddie220790,-there is a lot of good advice given by the other concerned owners,-do you believe you dvm has made the proper diagnosis-for these meds.??-you have to ask yourself,-" if the meds are to treat the problem or the symptoms."--generally with rabbits it is a timely issue,.grasses,ie timothy/orchard,etc.-"are what is considered hard things"--quality pellets are soft things,-every thing starts in the mouth,when swallowed,must go all the way through--no stomach muscles for throwing up..--grasses keep the teeth from getting out of control because they-constantly grow --the grasses also assist the high fiber diet and keep the gi tract in good shape"in tone",--grasses require lots of water intake..using a stethoscope/or your ear listen to the stomach/gi tract-should be light gurgling sound all the way through..very loud noises equal pain-rabbits cannot expel gas,-[may need infant simthecone]-this keeps the gas from forming..--remember to give probiotics with any antbiotic,-[must protect the immune system]---a proper dental exam is a full facial radiograph-and the procedure would be some [gas]-sleepy time and using the pictures the exotic dvm can is a link for an exotic dvm rabbits want us to learn as much as we can about them,..-- sincerely james waller from across the great pond-usa
    dear Maddie,-the cecotropes are considered night poops,-yes-they are different from the usual poops.--sorry I did not include the poop link [generally] cecotropes are taken directly from the the bum,-therefore-they are not generally seen lying about,-[-there is an exception to every rule,medical,etc]--I think of murphy,s law,--not to scare you but rabbits are merely prey animals,they know we are predatory ,they are hard wired to never show pain or discomfort--to the point of dying..this makes education of the rabbit of the utmost importance..--sincerely james waller from across the great pond-usa



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