Hi, just back from the Vet with my 8 year old Rabbit. Heís recently been unable to hop as his hind leg drags, so he doesnít move around much. The vet says itís either an injury or arthritis.
Because he canít move much, he canít lift up his rear end to urinate, heís a long haired bunny and the urine just soaks into his fur..so heís constantly saturated and the vet says he now has urine scald.

I have vet bed in his cage, but it is still dry after heís been sitting in the same place for a while. So I doubt the urine is even reaching it.

Heís also lost quite a bit of weight, although he still eats and drinks.

He is in pain from his legs (is on metacam) and he has terrible teeth problems, he needs them clipped every month. All this and him sitting in urine all day, the vet said that in her opinion he should be put to sleep as his quality of life is not good.

Iím having trouble with this as his mind is still there, heís still very affectionate despite not being able to move much. But on the other hand, I canít give him the constant care the vet says he needs, as I work and away from home 10 hours a day.

Has anyone had a bunny like this and been able to give them a decent quality of life and still work full time? I think the worst thing is him sitting in urine all day, as weíre not there to clean him during the day. Iíve read about putting them in nappies - but they need changed every few hours too..

He has a female bunny friend and they couldnít be without each other